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Journal du Thé - Chapter 3

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Journal du Thé (JdT) invites the reader to explore contemporary tea culture. Created and edited by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck and Tilmann S. Wendelstein in 2018, Journal du Thé wonders what is it that makes tea into this force which lets us slow down and grants serene moments to our lives. It is said, that what makes a teapot a teapot is the empty space inside. Likewise this publication sets out to explore space – in this case the space surrounding a cup of tea. With a curious and playful eye, Journal du Thé investigates the palette of cultures and feelings contained within tea practices and their power to overcome borders. For us, tea is a symbol of togetherness.

Chapter 3 explores everyday tea culture in India, visits craftspeople in Japan, England and elsewhere while musing about the concept of scale.

Designed by T. S. Wendelstein / 75W. Published by Poetic Pastel Press, 128 pgs, 26.5 × 20 cm, Softcover, 2020.