Epicurious A Beginner's Guide to Matcha Screenshot

How to Make Matcha: A Beginner's Guide

Epicurious • Kendra Vaculin
“Matcha is a world of its own," says Catherine Jue, founder and sourcer at San Francisco–based Tekuno, a tea company focused on the extensive world of Japanese tea. “It's fascinating, complex, nuanced—there is so much to learn and appreciate.” For people who want to switch up their caffeine habit, hone their taste buds, or just set aside a few minutes for a meditative practice (that, side benefit, produces a delightful drink!), matcha is a flavorful, timeless choice."

The Spruce Eats Best Tea Subscriptions Tekuno

Best Tea Subscription Boxes

The Spruce Eats • Kristy Del Coro, MS, RDN
"Packaged as loose leaf tea, the leaves immediately return to their bright green hue and fresh appearance with an exceptional aroma when brewed. The loose leaf tea selection includes a curated collection of teas with a range of Japanese flavor profiles: sweet, savory/umami, earthy, floral, bitter, and astringent."

Bob Cut Mag Tekuno Story

The Power of Tea: Tekuno Invites Us Through The Harvest One Leaf At A Time

Bob Cut Mag • Anthony Rogers
"During this pandemic, tea drinking has been on the rise. For those looking for a new caffeine crutch or a way to find peace and balance through all of this mess. Catherine Jue, owner of Tekuno, believes in tea that is healing, uplifting, ethical, sustainable—a tea that can do it all."

Forbes Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Tea Loving Moms

Forbes • Abigail Abesamis Demarest
"From a San Francisco-based business specializing in premium Japanese teas and tea utensils, this set is wrapped in custom designed paper with a sencha tea leaf pattern and ready to gift. It includes a fragrant trio of sencha teas from a 9th generation tea producer that Tekuno works with directly, plus ohigashi candies, which are traditionally served at Japanese tea ceremonies."

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