Tekuno Catherine Jue About Us

We are a San Francisco-based tea shop that works directly with producers to showcase the quiet yet expansive breadth of Japanese teas. Each year, we source teas that are unique in their expressions of their terroir, tea makers, and processing. Our sourcing philosophy is simple: find teas that are expressive in aroma, flavor, and texture; choose teas that reshape how we think teas should taste; and seek small scale producers with whom we can have a close relationship. We hope to represent each tea with the same nuance and respect as that which went into crafting it.

I started Tekuno out of three formative experiences in my life:

• growing up in my parents' small business, where its space and community was my second home;
• spending my school years studying Japanese and the country's culture;
• brewing exceptional Chinese and Taiwanese teas for Song Tea & Ceramics.

In an increasingly segregated world, Tekuno seeks to inspire meaningful human interactions and relationships—both with others and with our Earth. We look forward to sharing our teas with you.

- Catherine, founder