Tekuno is a project dedicated to sharing the expansive breadth of Japanese teas and the exquisite rituals they inspire. To make all of this possible, our community of Patrons provides us with a foundation of funding, so that we can continue to provide the highest quality products and content, as well as prioritize our partnerships with small, local, and independent makers. This ensures our producers are paid sustainably for the quality of their craftsmanship, enabling them to use better, longer lasting, and lower impact materials and methodologies.

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Tekuno Patrons

Alex Lindsey
Allison Garcia
Brian Wu
Cathy Van Der Schans
Chris Maddox
Chris Meyer
Collin Galster
Daniel Levine
George Ng & Tam Pham
Jason Sun
Kenny Stone
Kevin Suh
Mert Celebi
Misha Esipov
Nicky Goulimis
Sarah Davies
Stephen Fisher