The height of refreshment on balmy days — a pitcher of our favorite Hatomugicha, made with non-caffeinated & pleasingly roasted (gluten-free!) Job’s Tears grains.

Quiet yet arrestingly nuanced, Hatomugicha (and other mugicha & barley / grain-based teas) have long been used across Japan as supportive healing elixirs for hay fever, high cholesterol, and inflammation — as well as refreshing lifelines during muggy, hot Japanese summers (they’re often served to kids as an alternative to regular water to ensure proper hydration).

With a fully extracted brew both clean and thirst quenching, we love brewing a big pitcher, sweetening it lightly with honey, and serve chilled — a soothing antidote for any afternoon misgivings.

To Brew
① Warm 150ml of filtered water to 203ºF.
② Drop your tea sachet into a favorite cup.
③ Pour the heated water into your teacup, fully immersing the sachet.
④ Wait 5 minutes (this one benefits from a long brew!). Twirl the sachet 5 times to ensure full extraction.
⑤ Remove the sachet and stir in a tablespoon of raw honey, mixing until the honey dissolves.
⑥ Sip warm or pour over a cup of ice to enjoy!

Might We Suggest
• An unexpected pairing: enjoy alongside washed rind cheese and of-the-moment stone fruit.
• If you’re making a pitcher, consider steeping it like sun tea — add 4 tea sachets to a pitcher filled with 4 qts of (very importantly!) filtered or spring water.


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