Loose Leaf Teas

In Japan, over 70% of people drink green tea daily, and 90% of people drink green tea more than once a week. As a result, the vast majority of tea produced in Japan are forms of green tea, with sencha being the most popular. We worked with just a few producers to offer a curated collection that covers a range of Japanese flavor profiles: sweet, savory/umami, earthy, floral, bitter, and astringent.
Cloves • From Yame • Roasted Sweet Potato
Regular price $21.00
Candied chestnuts • Fresh milk • From Shizuoka
Regular price $26.00
From Yame • Roasted Tomatoes • White Pepper
Regular price $28.00
Freshly Milled Spelt • From Yame • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Regular price $35.00
Frisee Lettuce • From Shizuoka • Ramps
Regular price $22.00 Sold out
Cannellini Beans • From Shizuoka • Sweet Cinnamon
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Endives • From Shizuoka • Pluot Skin • Roses
Regular price $14.00
From Shizuoka • Kanten Jelly • Malt • Roasted Brown Rice
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From Shizuoka • Green Apple • Roasted Brown Rice
Regular price $24.00
Fresh Radishes • From Shizuoka • Seaweed Soup
Regular price $22.00
From Shizuoka • Watermelon Juice • Yellow Corn
Regular price $23.00
Asian Pear • From Shizuoka • Longan
Regular price $20.00