The (Only) Matcha Latte Recipe

An advance warning: we’ve been told our matcha latte recipe holds the potential to transform one into a true matcha snob…and though we prefer to be called a “connoisseur,” we get it. More than merely an elevated rendition, it’s an entire upleveling of the category.

Our take on the afternoon pick-me-up strikes the perfect balance of creamy sweetness and earthy dimension.

Our collection of matcha tea is grown by Hoshino Tea Garden, which has been cultivating superior green teas for nearly a century. Their matcha holds an elegant savory-sweet nuance, like something you’d imagine sipping slowly from fine china. We’d describe it as ‘cloudlike’; delicious either warm or iced.

To Brew
• Heat 6 oz of milk on the stove, reducing the heat once it begins to simmer to prevent boiling over.
• As the milk simmers, add 1 tbsp of raw honey, stirring until dissolved.
• Meanwhile, heat a pot of filtered water to 176º F.
• Sift 4 grams (1 tsp) of high quality matcha powder into a small bowl (if you do not have a dedicated matcha bowl, a cereal or rice bowl works just as well.) Add 1 oz of your heated water to the powder.
• Using a bamboo whisk or electric frother, mix the matcha tea and water into a thick paste.
• Pour the honeyed milk into a glass, then add the matcha tea on top.
• If desired, add a cup of ice.
• Stir and enjoy the best matcha latte in the world, made at home.

Might We Suggest
• We prefer oat milk, but any dairy or alt milk works just fine.
• An important part of the process is finding your perfect ratio of matcha powder to unfiltered honey; feel free to adjust the suggested quantities slightly to suit your taste.
• To optimize the freshness of the matcha, we always suggest storing it in its original airtight container in the fridge.