Sencha, Satsuki

We were first drawn to this specific Sencha Satsuki as an absolute ode to quality (not to be dramatic, but it’s truly the best Japanese tea we have ever tasted in sachet form).

And yet as we’ve been sipping it amid early summer days, a new image has emerged: every sip transports us to idle childhood summers spent by the lake, uncovering the universe of tide pools along the California coastline.

With a deep green hue and elegantly silken texture, this Sencha Satsuki is pleasingly earthy, with a finish that’s airy, light, and effortless. To enjoy it is to both savor the moment and linger in its afterglow — what’s a more perfect nod to summer’s all-too-finite, yet all-encompassing gestalt?

To Brew
① Warm 150ml of filtered water to 158ºF.
② Drop your tea sachet into a favorite cup.
③ Pour the heated water into your teacup, fully immersing the sachet.
④ Wait 1 minute. Twirl the sachet 5 times to ensure full extraction.
⑤ Remove the sachet and enjoy.

Might We Suggest
• This sencha benefits from precision…but don’t let that intimidate you!
• Enjoy it served warm, not hot (in other words, you shouldn’t need to blow on the water to cool it down before sipping). 
• Pair with lightly fried agedashi tofu—served ever so slightly cooled to chill the palate.


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