Kukicha, a green tea made from the stems grown in a family garden, is an intrinsically humble, utilitarian brew. And yet much like summer’s most iconic symbols — the crackling campfire, the sunset ocean swim, the ripest of strawberries — it holds an undeniable magic that transcends the sum of its parts. This a tea that encourages lingering: brewing a pot and sipping it throughout the day, or perhaps as an after dinner gesture to encourage staying a bit longer, reveling in the undone ease of the messy table, the flowing conversation, the distinct pleasure of a July night with nowhere to be but where you are.

With an aromatic sweetness akin to walking past a favorite bakery early in the morning, it is a delight served warm or chilled (and its low caffeine allows for enjoyment at any time).

To Brew
① Warm 150ml of filtered water to 176ºF.
② Drop your tea sachet into a favorite cup.
③ Pour the heated water into your teacup, fully immersing the sachet.
④ Wait 1 minute. Twirl the sachet 5 times to ensure full extraction.
⑤ Remove the sachet and enjoy.

Might We Suggest
• The beauty of Kukicha is in its simplicity: it brews just as well if you are lacking a thermometer or fancy teacup.
• It sweetens as it sits — place 1 sachet per 8 oz. filtered water in the fridge and wait 6-8 hours to enjoy its full expression as cold brewed tea.
• Simple delights: pair with freshly steamed chiffon cake for an afternoon pick-me-up.


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