Hōjicha, Yuki

A cup of tea for transitioning from the generative spirit of spring into the specific, sun-drenched slowness of summer…

Our roasted hōjicha comes from the southern Japanese island of Fukuoka — while intrinsically humble, it holds a refined, complex bouquet that has made it one of the most popular teas in our catalogue (and one of our personal favorites). Thanks to the producer’s unique two-step roasting process, its layered profile is at once delicately floral and verdant, with a very minimal caffeine content that makes it the perfect 3pm pick me up.

To Brew
① Warm 150ml of filtered water to 176ºF.
② Drop your tea sachet into a favorite cup.
③ Pour the heated water into your teacup, fully immersing the sachet.
④ Wait 1 minute. Twirl the sachet 5 times to ensure full extraction.
⑤ Remove the sachet and enjoy.

Might We Suggest
• This hōjicha contains minimal caffeine; perfect as a late afternoon refreshment.
• It’s forgiving! The longer you steep, the more it will yield a rich, slightly floral brew.
• Decadent pairings: enjoy with full-bodied nuts (think walnuts, macadamia) or a delicate cream cake.


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