Genmaicha, Matcha

If we had to select a “perfect” spring tea, we’d choose our Genmaicha Matcha. The personification of verdant (brewing a bright neon green), its vividness is cut by a beautiful balanced palette: at once easygoing, transitional, and substantial. Like coming out of hibernation into the light.

When considering its composition, think trail mix: we fill each sachet with a combination of Japanese popped rice, sencha, and refined matcha dust to create a balanced cup at once textured, pleasingly earthy, and fragrant.

To Brew
① Warm 150ml of filtered water to 190ºF.
② Drop your tea sachet into a favorite mug (it’s best sipped from a paper-thin, delicate white porcelain tea cup).
③ Pour the heated water into your teacup, fully immersing the sachet.
④ Wait 1 minute. Twirl the sachet 5 times to ensure full extraction.
⑤ Remove the sachet and enjoy.

Might We Suggest
• Don’t wait for the tea to cool down too much — its flavor is best appreciated while hot, not warm.
• While mostly savory, there’s an uncharacteristic hint of sweetness here that we love — enjoy it with a square of salted caramel dark chocolate to further enhance it.
• We’d also enjoy this as ochazuke.


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