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Wood-Fired Katakuchi, Toru Hatta—Black

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Wood-fired katakuchi by Osaka-based Ceramicist Toru Hatta. White mud is applied on red clay with a high iron content, then fired for several days to enhance the textures of the clay body and glaze. The glaze is made of wood ashes mixed by the ceramicist himself.

Measures 5.5"W x 2.5"H. Comfortably holds 250ml.

Katakuchi are tea servers, used to share tea or matcha among guests. This may also be used as a yuzamushi, or water cooler, to lower the temperature of hot water if you don't have a temperature kettle. Simply pour boiling water into your server, wait about a minute, and your water temperature will be perfect for brewing green tea.

Toru Hatta is best known for his mishima ceramics, a ceramics style that employs imprints and patterns on the surface of the clay. We are most enamored, however, by his simpler wood-fired wares, those whose colors and textures were created by the reactions of the glazes during firing.