Soda-Fired Cup—Aleatory One, Sarah Koik

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Soda-fired sipping cup from LA-based ceramicist Sarah Koik. Hand-thrown porcelain with slip applied to enhance the effects of the atmospheric firing (see photos below).

Only one available.
3.25"Ø x 2.75"H. Comfortably holds 150 ml (5.07 oz).
Crafted in Los Angeles, CA.

About the Artist

Sarah Koik is an artist and designer living in Los Angeles, California. She makes objects and projects that bring attention to things that often go unnoticed.

Inquiry and exploration are at the core of Sarah’s practice. With a background in designing and managing education programs at science museums and universities, Sarah’s work is rooted in process and investigation. Her pieces are both referential and adding to the narrative-- new while familiar, serious while playful.

Sarah received her degree in sculpture & ceramics in 2007, and founded her studio in 2015.

Koik’s ceramics have been sold throughout the US and abroad, and she has worked with a variety of international and regional clients. She also collaborates with designers, chefs, galleries, and art spaces on a variety of singular, bespoke projects.

Production Tool for Salt Fired Cup by Sarah Koik for TekunoProduction tool for salt fired cup by Sarah Koik for Tekuno