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Sencha, Yumesuruga 2020・夢駿

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This is a sencha from our 9th generation producer in Shizuoka that uses the cultivar "yumesuruga," a relatively new, obscure cultivar that is not widely known even in Japan. The cultivar is naturally sweet with little bitterness and a gentle texture. For returning patrons, this tea may remind you of last year's delicate musashi kaori. Yumesuruga roughly translates to "Dreams of Old Shizuoka." Flexible at different brew parameters, this sencha makes for easy, easy drinking.

Senchas are the most commonly drunk loose leaf teas in Japan, making up 70% of the country's tea production. It is usually highly vegetal and seaweed-like in flavor. The most revered senchas strike a perfect balance of vegetal flavor, sugary aroma, bitterness, and astringency.

Notes of candied chestnuts & fresh milk.

Harvested: May 2020
Cultivar: yumesuruga
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Contains 36 grams (9 servings).