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Sencha, Shirahime 2021・白姫

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This is a fascinating, complex sencha that possesses similar levels of umami and earthiness as high grade gyokuro. It is crafted from a native cultivar that is naturally yellow in color (hence its name, shirahime, or "white princess") that our producer has been cultivating for over ten years.

Gyokuro and matcha are produced by shade-growing, which forces the leaves to grow high levels of sweetness and umami and minimizes bitterness. In contrast, this sencha was grown fully unshaded—its inherent make-up is what develop the high levels of savory richness.

Production of this cultivar is extremely low due to the cultivar's fragility to cold temperatures and pests. We invite you to enjoy it.

Tasting notes: roasted tomatoes, white pepper
Harvested: April-May 2021
Cultivar: zairai
Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Comes with 36 grams (9 servings) of loose leaf tea.

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