Sencha, Kuchikiri 2020・秋の口切り新茶

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This sencha is part of our Fukuoka-based producer's annual autumn tea release, called Kuchikiri. Known as "autumn shincha," our producer vacuum seals a small crop of their tea in April-May and stores it in a freezer warehouse at 3℃ below zero until September. The tea is then roasted, released, and sold for the month of October or until it sells out.

What defines autumn tea is its deeply umami fragrance and taste, coupled with the fresh grassiness of shincha (the very first tea harvest of each year). Our producer's autumn tea has a robust, powerful aroma reminiscent of sweet potatoes and a rich amount of umami with little bitterness. We recommend brewing it at lower temperatures (160ºF) and using more leaves than typical for Japanese green teas (6g) to accentuate the tea's sweetness.

Notes of roasted sweet potato & cloves.

Harvested: late April 2020
Cultivar: saemidori, tsuyuhikari, okuyutaka
Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Contains 24 grams.