"Pure" Glass Teapot—700ml, Hario

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A heatproof glass teapot by Japanese glassware maker Hario.

Brews approximately 700ml (23oz) of tea. When brewing with this larger teapot, we recommend tripling our recommended brewing parameters (e.g., 12g of tea leaves instead of 4g).
Dishwasher and microwave safe (excluding the metal tea strainer).

About Hario

Many customers inquire about larger teapots than the ceramic ones we carry. When brewing green tea, small changes to temperature or steep time can dramatically affect whether your brew is sweet or bitter. Therefore, when searching for larger teapots to offer, we had several requirements in mind:⁠

It must retain heat well⁠.
It must allow the tea leaves to fully expand while brewing⁠.
It must be easy to clean!⁠

    It took a while to find a pot that brews green teas as well as our unglazed kyusus, but we're excited to share a line of glassware that is both beautiful and brews teas beautifully.⁠ Founded in 1921, Hario is best known for its sturdy, heatproof glass and modern coffee and teaware designs.