Hōhin, Asahiyaki—Blush

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From 16th generation ceramic studio Asahiyaki. "Hohin" teapot without handle has been inherited since the period of the eighth generation "Chobei".  

Containing 150 tea strainer holes inside the body, you can brew Sencha and Gyokuro tea very well. For 150 years, up to today, this teapot has been raised in the tea culture of Uji. Made with local clay called "Hanshi."

Before using it for the first time, soak it in water for about 10 minutes to minimize staining.

From Uji, Kyoto, Japan.
Size Φ100×75mm (excluding spout)
Capacity 150ml
Material: Hanshi (local clay)
Glaze: Transparent glaze
Firing: Gas kiln


About Asahiyaki
A 16th generation ceramics studio located in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, Asahiyaki . The ceramics family have been recognized for their longstanding work by Japan's royal family.