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Gyokuro, Hoshinohien 2021・ほしの秘園

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This gyokuro is rich and impossibly soft in texture. Of our producer's collection, this is one of their highest grades, as showcased in the pristine, needle-like tea leaves and light-colored brew. We encourage you to try brewing it as an "umami bomb," with just 30 ml of water. It possesses no bitterness and no astringency. It is from the same skilled producer who makes our matcha.

Gyokuro is like matcha in many ways. It is most commonly brewed strong, partly grown in the shade, and carries both weight and ceremony in Japan's history with tea. We liken gyokuros to champagne / sparkling wines — the best ones are incredible to experience and should be brewed in the every day, not just special occasions.

In the final 2-3 weeks of their growth, tea producers cover the tea trees destined for gyokuros with straw or nylon. This prevents direct sunlight, which results in the leaves retaining more l-theanine, the compound responsible for umami, and avoiding the growth of catechins, which result in bitterness.

Our producer crafts their gyokuro following the "dentō hon" method, using traditional rice straw tarps for shading (rather than nylon, which generates too much heat), natural fertilizers, and of course, hand-picking the leaves. Yame, the region this tea hails from, has the ideal climate for growing umami-rich teas, with morning mists and river fogs enveloping the tea gardens. Yame also enjoys an inland climate-high temperature during daytime and very cool and low temperatures at night. 

Tasting notes: sun-dried tomatoes, freshly milled spelt
Harvested: April-May 2021
Cultivars: yabukita, saemidori, okumidori
Shaded: 20 days
Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Contains 36 grams (9 servings) of loose leaf tea.

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