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Teapot Guide

The world of teapots is
Where to start?

Teaware is a choose-your-own-adventure. There is no “perfect” teapot, and choosing one is as much about personal taste as it is function.

A Few Considerations:

Hario teapots

Ceramic or glass?

Glass is easier to clean and has a modern aesthetic. We recommend a glass teapot that has a built-in strainer and allows your tea leaves to fully expand in the water as it brews.

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Tekuno Tokoname Kyusus

Tea has a rich history with ceramics; should you seek a ceramic teapot, consider: unglazed or glazed?

Unglazed teapots are porous and will patina with time. One should only brew a single type of tea in an unglazed pot (for example, only green teas), as the clay absorbs the teas’ flavors, making a softer sweeter brew over time. Tokoname is a famous region in Japan for unglazed kyusus.

Glazed teapots may be fired in a gas kiln, wood-fired, or even soda-fired, creating beautiful, shimmering textures on the surface. One can brew multiple types of teas in a glazed pot.

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Size Matters.

In the traditional method of brewing, you will brew a lot of tea leaves (4-6g) in a small amount of water (150ml • 5oz) for a short period of time (0.5-2 min). This allows you to resteep the tea and watch the flavor profile change from brew to brew.

If you prefer a large pot to sip throughout the day, make sure to double or quadruple the amount of tea when brewing and extend the brew time (3-5 minutes).

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Hario Large Glass Teapot

What about handle style?

Japanese tea culture is known for its side handles kyusus (yokode style), whereas Chinese style pots have back handles (ushirode). For high quality teas that require lower temperature water, consider a handleless teapot such as a hōhin or shiboridashi.

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