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Selecting a Tea & Tea Guide

There is a dizzying array of teas out there. Where to start? While words may never be able to replace the full-bodied experience of brewing, smelling, and tasting a cup of tea, we hope this guide may assist your online search.

To start, select a sensory note or consideration that you are most interested in:

Floral Umami Textural Less Caffeine

Teas with Florality

Japanese green teas are capable of a wide range of aromas and flavors. Those with high florality will taste verdant and "green," evoking early spring and new fields of growth. When brewed to an extreme, floral teas will taste freshly bitter, though not necessarily astringent nor unpleasant.

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Teas with Umami

A profile that is nearly synonymous with Japanese teas. High grade gyokuro and matcha will score high in umami and low in bitterness, as they are shade-grown in the final days before harvest. As well, certain cultivars and careful processing will bring out umami characteristics in sencha.

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Teas with Texture

Not a profile often explored in Japanese tea culture, we are delighted to highlight teas that are soft on the palette over the span of multiple brews. The textural nature comes from the processing style and terroir in which the tea was grown. These teas remind us of soft spring water and cucumbers.

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Teas with Less Caffeine

For those who seek a tea with little or no caffeine, we are delighted to offer a range of herbal blends and roasted teas from Japan.

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Still undecided? Send us an email and we would be happy to help with your selection.