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A Tea Leaf's Journey

Shizuoka tea farm

From the foothills of Mt. Fuji to the riverbeds in Southern Japan, we work directly with tea farmers and producers to showcase the breadth of Japanese teas.

Tekuno's teas represent the best that Japanese teas have to offer: verdant, fresh, vegetal and aromatic. Our producers are small, family-owned tea farms who are renown in their regions for crafting beautiful teas meant to be enjoyed straight: no milk, sugar or lemon required. We do our best to represent each tea with the same nuance and respect as that which went into crafting it.

Japan map white

Tea Harvests

Green teas—which make up most of Japan's tea production—taste best when they are fresh. Harvesting tea begins as early as April of each year, with the softest, brightest teas crafted in the short springtime months.

We rotate our tea collection annually to reflect the year's harvests. Throughout the year, we also offer limited release teas to mark the changing of the seasons and the everchanging nature of produce. It is not easy to change our selection so frequently, but doing so offers the best experience for drinking Japanese teas.

Catherine Jue Tekuno tea fieldsOur founder, Catherine, sourcing tea in 2019

Tea Production

Production begins once the leaves have been harvested and involves steaming, rolling, sifting, and drying the tea leaves. During production periods, our producers work long hours, often into the night, to ensure the leaves don't spoil before they are made into tea. It is a rush to hand-craft so much tea in such a short period of time, and it makes each cup we brew special.

Tea field Japan Tea Pallets Japan

In Your Cup

When we share our producers' teas with you, we provide recommended brewing guides specific to each tea, which we dial in over a series of tastings before sharing them with customers. Should you need brew guidance or a recommended set-up at home, our email concierge is always happy to help.

Tekuno Tea Packaging

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