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Mother's Day Gift Set

A Gift Set for Mothers ❤️

These gift sets are dedicated to those in our lives who inspire, mentor, and love us unconditionally. Each gift set is wrapped in a custom-designed gift wrap and raffia bow, and includes a complimentary Mother's Day card created by our director of design. The gift wrap design features an assortment of sencha tea leaves drawn to scale.

Gift set options range from $74-169. Complimentary shipping included.

Gift Options for Inspirational Figures of All Types
Mother's Day Teapot Gift Set
Teapot Set ($169):

An all-inclusive set to enjoy tea at home, this set is perfect for those in our lives who need a small corner of the universe to themselves. We included one of our favorite easy drinking teas, Kukicha, which is naturally low in caffeine and brews easily at most temperatures.

  • Our favorite glass tea tasting pot (180ml • 6oz capacity)
  • 2 Japanese porcelain tea cups (120ml • 4oz each)
  • 1 pouch of Kukicha green tea (48g • 12 servings)

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    Mother's Day Tea Ohigashi Set
    Tea Trio & Ohigashi Set ($86):

    A fragrant trio of teas from our 9th generation tea producer plus special candies, known as ohigashi, which are enjoyed during Japanese tea ceremony. We designed this set for regular tea drinkers who enjoy a breadth of flavor profiles. Ohigashi is made simply from water and a Japanese sugarcane known as taketō.

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    Mother's Day Tea Set
    Tea Trio Set ($74):

    A fragrant trio of teas from our 9th generation tea producer. We designed this set for regular tea drinkers who love enjoy a breadth of flavor profiles.

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