Tea Tasting Experience

Tekuno brewing tea tasting

We are pleased to offer virtual tea tastings to serve your next socially distant get together, long distance date, or group team building activity. In this 1.25 hour-long experience, we will brew and taste our selection of Japanese teas, answer your tea questions, and discuss brewing techniques using the tea set-up you already have at home. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sweets) highly encouraged!⁠

Your reservation includes tea samples, small Japanese sweets known as higashi, and tasting sheet, which will be shipped to you ahead of time.

Please select a date at least 14 days in advance to allow for shipping. Inquire at hello@teawithtekuno.com for parties larger than 4.

To see more, select a tasting experience:

Japanese Tea Experience

Ceremonial Matcha 101

What You'll Need
Whether you are a tea aficionado or just getting started, we will show you how to brew with your existing tools.

For the Japanese loose leaf tea experience, you will need: filtered water, a teapot or mug + tea strainer/sieve, a water boiler, and access to a sink.

For the ceremonial matcha 101 workshop, you will need: filtered water, a matcha bowl (or small rice bowl), a water boiler, a matcha whisk, and optionally—a tea strainer/sieve.

We also offer all-inclusive tasting boxes. Please email hello@teawithtekuno.com

Can you ship to multiple addresses?
Yes, if you reserve multiple tickets, we will contact you via email to collect the full address list.

What types of tea will we taste?
For our Japanese tea tasting, we will taste three different green teas that reveal nuances in their cultivars and terroir. For our ceremonial matcha workshop, we will use a high grade ceremonial matcha from our renowned producer in Fukuoka.

Will this work as a corporate team building activity?
Yes! Please email hello@teawithtekuno.com.

What if I have another question?
Please email us and we would be happy to help! hello@teawithtekuno.com