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Holiday Corporate Gifting

Tekuno tea in glass domes

We are pleased to offer considered holiday gifts for your clients, advisors, friends and family. Ordering holiday gifts with Tekuno is simple and stress-free:
• Bulk ordering
• Handwritten gift notes
• Specific delivery dates by request
• Orders 10+ addresses receive 10% off*

To ensure timely delivery, all orders must be placed by Wednesday, December 10th.

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The Gift of Calm

Tekuno Tea Tin Set

Tea Tin Set

For a simple but elegant gift, this set includes one of our single cultivar Japanese teas and a hand-lacquered tea tin from Kotodo Takahashi. The tea tin is reusable and will store your recipient’s teas for years to come.


  • Hand-lacquered, reusable tea tin from Kotodo Takahashi
  • Tea, chosen by our recommendation

Price: $35

Tekuno Tasting Teapot Tea set

Tasting Teapot Set

For serious tea drinkers who are interested in enjoying the nuances of Japanese green teas, this holiday gift set includes our glass tasting teapot from Hario and a package of our teas. It comes lovingly wrapped in a box and bow.


  • Mini tasting teapot from Hario
  • Tea, chosen by our recommendation

Price: $59

Tekuno subscription box

Monthly Tea Subscription

A introduction to the breadth of Japanese green teas. This subscription package sends one Japanese green tea each month, showcasing different cultivars, growing regions, and production styles. Each month's teas come with detailed brew instructions and an accompanying leaflet describing its origins and tasting notes.

Options: 3 months ($79), 6 months ($159)

  • Includes complimentary domestic shipping on all boxes.
  • Tasting teapot add-on +$45.
  • Ceremonial matcha subscription are also available: 3 months ($103), 5 months ($185).

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