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Teas for the New Year

If health is top of mind, we have a collection of sipping teas that are easy to brew, naturally sweet, and low in caffeine. These are the green teas teas we love to brew in a big pot and enjoy throughout the day.
From Shizuoka • Green Apple • Roasted Brown Rice
Regular price $24.00
Candy Hearts • From Shizuoka • Toasted Amaranth
Regular price $20.00
From Shizuoka • Orange Peel • Roses
Regular price $17.00
Candied chestnuts • Fresh milk • From Shizuoka
Regular price $26.00
From Shizuoka • Kanten Jelly • Malt • Roasted Brown Rice
Regular price $20.00
Regular price $53.00 Waitlist
Regular price $64.00 Waitlist