Matcha, Shincha 2021 • 抹茶、新茶

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An aromatic, bright matcha with an aroma characteristic of shincha tea, which represents the very first harvest of 2021. A pleasant, soft bitterness upfront with a comforting creaminess and delightful finish. Our producer makes a small quantity available in the spring of each year to commemorate the season. Limited quantity available.

This year, we present two shincha (and our first tea release of 2021): a rich, savory loose leaf shincha from Yame, Fukuoka, Japan and shincha matcha, a highly unusual offering from the same producer. It is rare to find matcha crafted to express shincha's fresh profile and our producer is quite contrarian in this regard. They are one of the few matcha producers that release their matcha immediately after harvest.

For those curious to learn more, you'll find an introduction to shincha here.

Tasting notes: almonds, warm milk

Harvested: Late April to Early May 2021
Cultivars: saemidori, tsuyuhikari, asahi
Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

This matcha stands up well to slightly higher temperatures. We recommend 180-185ºF. Suitable for both usucha and koicha. Includes 20g (5-10 servings). Suitable for lattes, usucha, and koicha.

Read more about the producer.

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