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Monthly Tea Membership

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Enthusiasts of Japanese teas, this one is for you. Each month showcases one seasonal, rare Japanese tea that is produced in quantities too small to share widely. They are some of our personal favorites, the teas we keep on our highest shelves, teas too avante-garde to yield more than a few kilos per year.

You'll find past years' favorites such as Yumesuruga Sencha, Autumn Kuchikiri, Charcoal-Roasted Winter Sencha, and many more. Teas showcased in this Membership will not be available outside this monthly box; though, should you find a tea you adore, you will have exclusive access to purchase any Membership teas à la carte until it is sold out.

Includes 1 packet of loose leaf tea (9 servings) / month. Complimentary shipments.

$25 will be charged to your credit card every month on the same day as your first purchase until you cancel. Cancel or pause anytime.