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May Tsuyuhikari • Members Only

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May tastes like: snow pea. Roasted rutabaga. When tasting and considering teas to showcase, we look equally for exceptional terroir, producer craftsmanship, and nuanced tea profiles. With the deluge of commodity and passable tea, both here in the US and in country of origin, we specifically look for teas that delight us on all fronts—and surprise us on a few too.

We were drawn to this month’s tea, Sencha, Tsuyuhikari, for its multitude of flavors. While many green teas are “either or” (for example, rich and deep or light and refreshing), Tsuyuhikari balances delicate richness with bright florality, unfurling depth and levity across the palate with a slow, measured tenor.

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Art reference, ONO Chikkyo (小野竹喬 Japanese, 1889-1979)