Matcha for Usucha

Usucha, or thin tea, is the more common style of matcha preparation. Using a bamboo whisk and small bowl, one suspends the tea powder in warm water and creates a froth on top. Using high grade matcha, the result will have a sweet aroma and fresh or savory taste.

We carry a selection of Hoshinoseichaen's ceremonial grade matcha from Yame, Fukuoka, Japan, which is suitable to drink whisked with water or as an elevated a matcha latte. Our preferred matcha is smooth, needs no sugar, and leaves a sweet, satisfying finish that will make you reach for another bowl.

Ground to order, we import matcha monthly in very small quantities and preserve it in cold storage, ensuring the matcha as fresh as that which you may find in Japan.

For Usucha • From Yame • Notes of Meyer Lemon Peel & Beetroot
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For Usucha • From Yame • Notes of Milk Chocolate & Parmesan
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For Usucha • From Yame • Notes of Raw Almonds & Bell Peppers
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For Koicha • For Usucha • From Yame • Notes of Almonds & Warm Milk •
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