Matcha for Koicha

Koicha, or thick tea, is the more formal style of preparing matcha. Using a bamboo whisk and small bowl, one "kneads" the tea powder and a very small amount of warm water to create a thick paste and drunk straight. Because this style of tea reveals any imperfections in the tea profile, one must use higher grade ceremonial matcha so that it is not bitter or astringent. One can also use koicha grade ceremonial matcha to prepare usucha, or matcha whisked into a foam. Matcha for koicha will score the highest in smoothness, umami, and sweetness.

We carry a selection of Hoshinoseichaen's ceremonial grade matcha from Yame, Fukuoka, Japan, which is suitable to drink whisked with water or as an elevated a matcha latte. Our preferred matcha is smooth, needs no sugar, and leaves a sweet, satisfying finish that will make you reach for another bowl.

Ground to order, we import matcha monthly in very small quantities and preserve it in cold storage, ensuring the matcha as fresh as that which you may find in Japan.

For Koicha • From Yame • Notes of Brown Sugar & Porcini Mushrooms
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For Koicha • From Yame • Notes of Almond Bark & Wheatgrass
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For Koicha • From Yame • Notes of Milk Chocolate & Sugarcane
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For Koicha • From Yame • Notes of Saponarias & Anjou Pear
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