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Sencha, Zairai

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A balanced, potent sencha with woodsy character and a clean, tropical finish. Its cultivar, zairai, translates to "wild tree." Zairai is a general descriptor for Japanese tea trees with no known origin or age. Zairai tea trees, which make up just 1% of tea gardens in this region, are not actively cultivated and instead allowed to grow and mature with nature. This is in contrast to the majority of Japanese tea production, which tightly controls tea growing conditions including soil nutrients, pruning, and sunlight exposure. This tea was grown pesticide-free, using only organic fertilizers.

The result is a robust sencha that has a distinct minerality and "mature" taste for a green tea, yet also offers a creamy sweet aroma thanks to the nutrient-rich soil the trees live on.

While the precise age of this tea tree garden is not known, our producer estimates they are at least 60 years old. Most tea trees grow to just 20 years before they are replanted with new seeds.

Producer: Suzuwa
Region: Shizuoka
Cultivar: Zairai
Notes: Chrysanthemum, celery
Harvested: May 2021
Quantity: 36 grams (9 servings)