Dokudamicha, 2020 • どくだみ茶

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A warming herbal tea blend drunk in Japan to reduce inflammation, detox, and generally improve health. Dokudami is a Japanese native flowering plant with white flowers and heart-shaped leaves. In Japan, dokudami is considered a cure-all plant and affectionately call it jūyaku, meaning "ten medicines."

This producer's unique blend contains ten carefully selected herbs grown in Japan: Dokudami, Sicklepod (Habu), Oolong, Loquat (Biwa), Goji Berries, Brown Rice, Job's Tears (Hatomugi), Beans (Hamacha), Hōjicha, and Bean Curd (Mamecha). The result is a delicious everyday tea that you may drink hot or cold. Our favorite method of preparing this tea is to drop the tea directly into a thermos and slowly sip it throughout the day.

Do not brew in kettles made of aluminum. Contains a small amount of oolong leaves, which contain caffeine.

Contains 120g.