Porcelain Tea Cup, Noga Raviv—Kintsugi

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Hand-thrown porcelain tea cup with clear interior glaze from micro-potter Noga Raviv. This cup received a small chip on its foot during firing, so we partnered with San Francisco artist Joseph Weaver to repair it with the Japanese technique of kintsugi. Utilizes 24k gold leaf, resin, and lacquer.

Approximately 3.5"D x 1.85"H. Comfortably holds 78ml (2.66 oz).

Made in San Francisco.

Noga Raviv

About Noga Raviv

Noga Raviv is a designer and artist based in San Francisco. Her work highlights the qualities of raw porcelain through subtle textures while preserving utility in thin, delicate forms.

About Joseph Weaver

Joseph Weaver is an artisan based in San Francisco. Joseph’s studies of the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi: to repair broken ceramics with resin, lacquer and gold, led him on a journey to develop his own modern style.

What initially began as a solution for a repair of broken ceramics, eventually developed into much more. Joseph found himself at a juncture in the life of these pieces, able to extend each one's lineage and bring them new life.

As a professional kintsugi artist, Joseph is invited into the lives of his customers. The pottery that he repairs comes with a story, usually one of hardship that’s been overcome, often a beacon for a new beginning. Each one turned into something wholly unique and more than simply the sum of its broken pieces. Often, it is a fracture that’s healed that becomes the greatest source of pride.