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Shiro Gome Kyusu, Jinsui

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This unglazed kyusu is crafted by the Jinsui Kiln in Tokoname, the region most famous for its unglazed teaware. This teapot makes a wonderful tasting teapot for two, or a long tea session for one.

This teapot is made from a clay specific for Tokoname known as "shiro gome," or "white sesame."

This cream colored tea pot will patina with use; please take care to rinse all tea and leaves immediately after brewing if you wish to prevent staining. Tokoname teapots become glossy as you use them; because they are unfinished, the porous clay absorbs flavors from the tea it brews. We recommend preparing only green tea in them.

Brews 240 ml / 8 oz



Before first use, rinse it in hot water then let it dry completely. Avoid placing in a place with high temperatures,​ such as a microwave, oven, or stove. Hand wash only with warm water—do not use soap.


After use, always let it dry completely. If stored while still wet, it might develop a damp smell or mold.

For additional instructions on how to use, please see our brew guide.