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Hira Kyusu Black, Gyokko

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Flat, unglazed kyusu from Umehara Koushi of the Gyokko Kiln. This jet black kyusu is made from kokudei, or black clay, from the famed ceramics region of Tokoname in Japan. Clay from this area is high in mineral content, resulting in a rounder, thicker bodied cup of tea. Hira refers to the flat bottom.

Flat bottomed kyusus are used for brewing high grade sencha and gyokuro. The wide body allows the leaves more space to brew and cools the water quickly, which accentuates umami and sweetness.

Tokoname teapots become glossy as you use them; the porous clay absorbs flavors from the teas it brews. We recommend preparing only green tea in them.

Brews 200ml / 6.76oz



Before first use, rinse it in hot water then let it dry completely. Avoid placing in a place with high temperatures,​ such as a microwave, oven, or stove. Hand wash only with warm water—do not use soap.


After use, always let it dry completely. If stored while still wet, it might develop a damp smell or mold.