Japanese Sencha

Sencha is the most common type of Japanese green tea. A classic sencha has the right balance of umami, sweet, savory, and bitterness.

Our sencha hail from Shizuoka, the most common tea growing region in Japan, and Fukuoka, a region in southern Japan most known for gyokuro and matcha. For a recommendation, please find our Tea Guide or email hello@teawithtekuno.com.

Bonito • Stewed Greens
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From Shizuoka • Watermelon Juice • Yellow Corn
Regular price $23.00
Candy Hearts • From Shizuoka • Toasted Amaranth
Regular price $20.00
Bartlett Pear • Egg Custard • From Shizuoka
Regular price $26.00
Dashi • From Shizuoka • Licorice Root
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From Yame • Notes of Warmed Butter & Pampas Grass
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Cloves • From Yame • Roasted Sweet Potato
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Candied chestnuts • Fresh milk • From Shizuoka
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From Yame • Roasted Tomatoes • White Pepper
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Fresh Radishes • From Shizuoka • Seaweed Soup
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Asian Pear • From Shizuoka • Longan
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