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Tsukihanamitsu, 2019・月花蜜

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We are delighted to share this special Japanese black tea made using processing techniques and cultivars uncommon for Japanese teas. Tsukihanamitsu was crafted by blending sencha and white tea leaves, fermenting them as a puer, and finishing by roasting.

Both that it is of white tea and that it is processed using fermentation is highly unusual to find in Japan. The producer who crafted it works with the only known tea farm in Japan that processes white teas. The white tea leaves were shaded from the sun—similar to gyokuro and matcha—allowing the plant to develop high amounts of umami. The leaves were then withered and dried to create white tea, developing sugar notes along the way.

The producer named this tea "tsukihanamitsu," or "moon nectar fragrance." Through this tea, he hopes to capture the feeling of appreciating a fragrant flower in the silence of moonlight. Please take care to enjoy the aroma.

Notes of sugared strawberries & grapefruit.

Harvested: May 2019
Cultivar: zairai, koshou (unregistered)
Type: Japanese black tea, Japanese white tea
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Includes 6 servings (24g).