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Oolong, Benifūki 2020 • ウーロン茶

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This mid-oxidized oolong comes from a Kozeto, a small town near the Warashina River in Shizuoka. Oolongs and black teas are difficult to find in Japan; green teas comprise 95% of teas grown and consumed, and importing Indian Assams or Taiwanese oolongs has been historically popular. As Japanese teas have gained popularity internationally, tea producers have begun focusing on oolongs, black teas, and even white teas (see Tsukihanamitsu).

Our first oolong is crafted from the benifūki cultivar, a hybrid varietal from Indian var. assamica and Chinese var. sinensis. It has a sweet aroma and highly floral flavor as that of greener oolongs, while maintaining the brisk robustness of an Indian Assam. Benifūki translates to “red riches and honors.”

Notes of endives, honey perfume roses, and pluot skin.

Cultivar: benifūuki
Harvested: May 2020
Oxidized for 10 days

Includes 6 servings (24g).

How to brew:

4 grams (1 spoonful) / 203° F / 150 ml (5 oz) / 2.5 minutes