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Matcha Subscription, 5 Months

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A comprehensive journey through our matcha collection from Yame, Fukuoka, Japan. This 5 month-long subscription package sends you a tin of freshly ground ceremonial matcha, showcasing different varietals, aromas, and flavor profiles.

Each month's tea come with brew instructions and an accompanying leaflet describing its origins. This subscription also includes a virtual tea tasting during your first month, where we will brew the month's teas together and answer any tea questions you may have. After purchase, you'll receive an email to schedule your tasting.

We send subscriptions on the 1st and 15th. Your subscription will be sent on the closest 1st or 15th after purchase.

Includes 10 servings (20g) / month for 5 months. Email hello@teawithtekuno.com any questions or special requests.