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Tea Duo, 2020・二茶

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For tea lovers, we invite you to enjoy two senchas side by side. Please select the pair that matches your preferred flavor profile. They all come from the same producer in Shizuoka. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

For softer, floral preferences, we recommend the following pair: 

  • Sencha, Kōshun 2020
  • Sencha, Sora 2020

For robust, rich flavors, we recommend the following pair: 

  • Sencha, Honyama 2020
  • Sencha, Musashi Kaori 2020

Harvested: May 2020
Cultivars: see each tea's product page

Comes with 36 grams each, 72 grams total. Tea duos are 10% less than purchasing separately.