Sencha, Musashi Kaori 2020・むさしかおり

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This sencha is refreshingly sweet. Its round texture is what stands out—where other green teas deliver with umami or floral aroma, this sencha is soft, deep, mellow with little bitterness and no astringency. Brew it longer than a minute and you will taste notes of overripe grape.

The musashi kaori cultivar has origins in Taiwan, similar to the "sora" sencha that we previously carried. It is a cross breed of the Japanese-native "sayama midori" and the Taiwanese "ying zhi hongxin" cultivars—ying zhi hongxin is also the cultivar from which Taiwanese milk oolongs originate. It was first developed in the Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo and is most commonly found in that region. We were surprised to discover that our producer grows musashi kaori in Shizuoka.

Senchas are the most commonly drunk loose leaf teas in Japan, making up 70% of the country's tea production. It is usually highly vegetal and seaweed-like in flavor. The most revered senchas strike a perfect balance of vegetal flavor, sugary aroma, bitterness, and astringency.

Tasting notes: yellow corn, watermelon juice

Harvested: May 2020
Processing style: nemuri hime
Cultivar: musashi kaori
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Includes 36 grams (9 servings).