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Kukicha, 2020・茎茶

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This kukicha is made from several varietals from our 9th generation producer's tea farm in Shizuoka, Japan. It is naturally sweet and our go-to for large pots of tea to savor throughout the day. It is also fantastic when brewed as an iced tea.

While this tea was harvested and produced in May, we aged this tea ourselves until autumn to allow its natural sugars to develop.

Kukicha is made from the stems of sencha and gyokuro green teas during the final stages of tea processing. Kukicha is generally low in caffeine and high in l-theanine, the compound in tea that makes people feel relaxed. It is commonly referred to as a calming or relaxing tea.

Notes of toasted amaranth & candy hearts.

Harvested: May 2020
Cultivar: various

Includes 48g.