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Classic, Balanced Teas

For those new-to-tea or in search of a gift, we recommend these easy brews to dive into the nuanced world of Japanese teas. Consider these workhorse teas when you are in need of a big pot to savor throughout the day, no fussy set-up needed.
From Shizuoka • Watermelon Juice • Yellow Corn
Regular price $23.00
Candy Hearts • From Shizuoka • Toasted Amaranth
Regular price $20.00
Fresh Radishes • From Shizuoka • Seaweed Soup
Regular price $22.00 Waitlist
Candied chestnuts • Fresh milk • From Shizuoka
Regular price $26.00
Cloves • From Yame • Roasted Sweet Potato
Regular price $21.00 Sold out