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Hōjicha, 2020・ほうじ茶

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This tea has been sunsetted. Find our newest Hōjicha here.

Roasted Japanese tea that brews a thick, pleasant cup. Selected from yabukita tea leaf stems, the producer of this tea specializes in unique processing styles not often found in Japan, including black teas, white teas, and even puers. It makes a wonderful hojicha latte.

Common brewing parameters for hōjicha is boiling water (212ºF) for 15-30 seconds. We prefer setting a low temperature (176ºF) and increasing the brew time (5 minutes) to extract the sweetness of the roasted sugars and a lingering, sticky finish.

Hojicha is roasted green tea—after processing the tea plant into green tea, makers will roast the tea at high temperatures to bring out a rich, savory fragrance. The roasting process reduces the amount of caffeine and tannins, making it suitable for drinking in the evening.

Notes of roasted brown rice & green apple.

Roasted: January 2020
Cultivar: yabukita
Type: Roasted Japanese green tea
Includes 48g (12 servings).