How to Store Teas

Tekuno Kotodo Tea Canister Cream

I began carrying these hand-lacquered Kotodo tea tins mostly out of my own need, as I was having trouble keeping green tea fresh. I have found that oolongs, black teas and herbals can hold their aroma and flavor when left out on your counter; green teas, on the other hand, simply cannot. Leave a tablespoon of green tea uncovered overnight and you will find that it entirely loses its aroma and sweetness.

Green teas are also very sensitive to light and heat. I have a small shelf (away from my oven/stove) that I store my many tea tins. These tea tins make for good, long-term storage and travel well too. I would suggest the 100g tin for green teas and the 200g tin for storing large leaf teas such as oolongs or hōjicha. They can also be used for storing matcha in the fridge.

Another method I recommend is to purchase your green teas in small quantities and drink it soon! Unlike wine or roasted teas (oolongs, blacks), green teas do not age and are best drunk fresh.