About Matcha Whisks & Scoops

Handmade matcha whisk chasen from Nara, Japan

Chasen, matcha whisk. Use in lieu of a frother to mix matcha vigorously with water and create foam on top. Chasen are always made from bamboo, which is flexible yet strong.

To pair with your chawan, we have matcha utensils by Nara-based craftsman Kubo Sabun. The Kubo family has been passing on the tradition of bamboo whisk-making since the Muromachi Period over 500 years ago. Each whisk is crafted from bamboo by hand using a series of splintering techniques with knives.

Historically, matcha whisks, or chasen, was a craft passed down from generation to generation exclusively via word-of-mouth. Few written records of early chasen making exist and whisks were crafted at night to ensure competing families did not divulge their secrets to one another. Meant to be disposable, matcha utensils are also the only item in Japanese tea ceremony that do not bear the artist's mark.

For those new to matcha making, each whisk and scoop comes with a usage and care guide. We also recorded several matcha preparation tips in this video!

Handmade matcha scoop from Nara, Japan

Chashaku, matcha scoop. Use 2-3 scoops and 50-75ml of water to prepare ceremonial matcha with froth.

If you are just getting started or are interested in gifting matcha to a loved one, we recommend our Matcha, Ikenoshiro for matcha lattes and Matcha, Mainoshiro for those who drink their tea ceremonial style and enjoy a fresh, fragrant profile.