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Teapots from Tokoname 🍵

My personal collection of teapots includes mostly unglazed styles, and those from the Tokoname region tend to be my favorites to brew in and drink from. Like a cast iron pan, unglazed teapots develop a personality the more you brew with them and it is lovely to experience a teapot patina with time. They become a physical diary of your tea time, wearing stains where you have brewed, poured, or sipped from the most.

Also to be said is the famous clay of Tokoname. Since the Edo period (1603-1867), Tokoname has been a major production region for unglazed Japanese teaware, and today's Tokoname potters uphold longstanding traditions of form, methodology, and function. Tokoname clay is known for its high mineral content, which produces a softer, rounder brew that deepens over time due to the porous nature of the clay.

I am pleased to share a new collection of flat bottomed kyusus from Aichi Prefecture, Tokoname, Japan. They are from the Gyokko Kiln, the same ceramics studio that made my personal flat kyusu, which I frequently use for tea tastings and demonstrations.

Flat bottomed kyusus (Hira meaning "flat" in Japanese) are typically used for brewing high grade sencha and gyokuro. The large body enables the leaves more room to fully extract and also cools the water more quickly, accentuating sweet and umami notes in the brew.

The wide mouth makes for easy clean up and these kyusus are the right size for a cup of tea (6-8oz) or a tasting for two. Each kyusu is handmade on a pottery wheel, so they will vary slightly in shape or size. The colors are just as striking in person.

Saturday Mochi Pre-Order

Each Saturday, we offer boxes of seasonal mochi that we hand-make here in our Tekuno kitchen. I have been surprised by the positive reception since we launched a little over 3 weeks ago. Thank you for your support!

Mochi comes in boxes of four and includes:

  • 1 tsuban (sweet adzuki bean)
  • 1 shiroan with toasted walnuts (sweet white bean) or kinako (organic roasted soy bean powder)
  • 2 seasonal flavors using produce from San Francisco's Ferry Building Famer's Market. This week, the seasonal special is nectarine 🍑

This week's pre-orders are already sold out, but I hope to have a few extra boxes for drop-ins this Saturday if you are able to visit our shop. We will release slots for next Saturday's pre-orders (for pick-up 6/27) this coming Saturday (6/20) at noon, so please make sure to check our website then.

Lastly, a very brief update on this year's tea harvest. Tea production happened in May, but it has been untenably difficult to ship new teas outside of Japan due to the limited number of flights crossing borders. While Japan's international post service is still suspended, I have finally found a way to bring in this year's teas. Crossing my fingers that all goes well in the next few weeks, and I am excited to share a refresh of our existing collection and several new teas as well.

Enjoy June's sunshine,


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Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.
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