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Tea & Ceramics for a Fresh Start

Tea for a Fresh Start

As we look towards 2021, the only thing that seems certain right now is uncertainty... please stay safe and healthy. Warm tea should help.

Fans of our Sencha, Kōshun and Sencha, Honyama will enjoy our newest tea, Sencha, Inaguchi 2020. A fresh, savory sencha tea that pairs well with a meal, its rich umami scent stands up well to savory foods such as rice and seafood, while its floral finish also makes it enjoyable to drink on its own.

This sencha comes from the same 9th generation producer based in Shizuoka, Japan who grows, picks, and steams her teas entirely in-house—a rarity in Japan, where tea leaf grower is often different than tea producer. Named after Inaguchi-san, the producer who developed this cultivar, the Inaguchi cultivar was selected from tea plant seeds of the yabukita cultivar. Notes of licorice root and dashi.

And if you are new to tea, we have a collection of our favorite easy-to-brew teas and recommended teapots here.

See Sencha, Inaguchi

Osaka-Based Ceramicist Toru Hatta

Toru Hatta is best known for his mishima ceramics, a ceramics style that employs imprints and patterns on the surface of the clay. We are most enamored, however, by his simpler wood-fired wares, those whose colors and textures were created by the reactions of the glazes during firing.

We are pleased to present a small series teaware and katakuchi, tea servers that can be used to share tea or matcha with guests. These can also be used as yuzamashi, or water coolers, to lower the temperature of hot water if you don't have a temperature kettle. Simply pour boiling water into your server, wait about a minute, and your water temperature will be perfect for brewing green tea.

View Toru Hatta

Our Donation to 826 National

This December, we donated 15% of sales of our Holiday Tea Trio to 826 National, a non-profit that offers personalized writing and tutoring services to youth around the U.S. Thank you for your support and contribution!

As always, please email if you have any tea or brewing questions—we would love to help. Stay safe, warm and healthy,

Catherine and the Tekuno team

P.S.: After months of delay, our Dokudamicha is back for herbal tea fans!

"Taste is formed in those moments when aesthetic emotion is massive and distinct; preferences then grown conscious, judgments then put into words, will verbal reverberate through calmer hours; they will constitute prejudices, habits of apperception, secret standards for all other beauties. A period of life in which such intuitions have been frequent may amass tastes and ideals sufficient for the rest of our days."

—George Santayana, Reason in Art

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