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Spring turns to summer 🌸

Arashiyama, Japan
Arashiyama, Japan. 2014

Spring nears its end as quickly as it comes, making way for warm summer breezes, cold fingers balancing ice cold drinks, and the nostalgia of childhood summer vacations. In Japanese, there is a phrase: "行く春" or fading of spring, and I cannot think of a sentiment that better captures this moment.

As shelter-in-place continues for another month, I have been reflecting on the moments we have shared together over tea and what the future may look like.⁠

The email that I had prepared for in March was titled, "You're invited: our retail shop opening!" While the timing was unfortunate, I am thankful to have my health and my loved ones' health, and I hope your health as well.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this is our new normal; the world we experience each day continues to be unrecognizable, and that which we took for granted a few months ago may not return for a while longer. While it is human nature to wish—and to have the capacity to wish—for the way things used to be, it is even more so human to adjust, accommodate, and thrive in uncertainty.⁠

I am looking forward to the coming months, in which we will source new teas that are fragrant, delightful, and transport you to a moment of respite. I hope they may help you find strength in and throughout this uncertainty. I hope you may say, no matter where you are or who you are with, "it's tea time!" This is why Tekuno exists, and I am grateful to have a tea friend in you.⁠

With warmth,⁠

I will be testing new ways to share our tea and teaware discoveries to this year, and I would love to have you on this journey. You may receive a bit more mail than usual, and please share your tea moments with us, at or on our Instagram. It means the world to connect with you in every way we can.
Oh, and we just received our supply of Journal du Thé—Chapter 3! Please find it on our online shop here.
Finally, a haiku I had hoped to share in our retail opening newsletter. While spring is coming to a close, I find it just as beautiful:

Spring air --
Woven moon
And plum scent.

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